Crocodile Be Yourself


  1. Ah, ha ha Dear Yuliya, you make me laugh!! Is this your scketchbook?
    My God, this is wonderful!
    Now I understand a little, why, your work completed, have many details and I can never end to see them!!!!
    congratulations. I want to see more sketches! please!

  2. How many hours is the day for you?

  3. I love this crocodile! So dandy looking! Very cool!

  4. Hahaha! I could think of several people to whom I would like to give card. Hahahaha! So cool!

  5. @Roberto: Yes, it is my sketchbook, so glad you like it also! :) Thank you for your wonderful response, I will try my best to post more of my sketchbook pages now :)

    How many hours is in a day for me? As much as I can go without sleep I guess... :) It is the toughest part: to convince myself daily to go to sleep. If I would have a choice I would cancel sleep all together and create 24/7 :)

    @Yana: Thank you very much, Crocodile is very happy and says hi :)

    @Cecilia: Thank you so much, Ces, very glad you liked this fellow! :)

  6. @A of Little Alexander : thank you, happy you do! :)