1. Well, dear friend, I will tell you that this is not a surreal animal, this is an animal that exists completely within the Yuliya's world. a world increasingly defined. with elements and animals that correspond to the same nature, created in your mind.
    Certainly, your husband is right, the turtle is a fascinating animal. a slow world's observer through thousands of generations.
    my favorite animal ... mmm I do not know. the shark. because it is very distant from me, temperamentally speaking, I will never be a shark.
    He ha
    good weekend!!:)

  2. It must be specifically THIS turtle that is your husband's favorite animal =)
    My favorite is probably a sea otter. They are very cute =)

  3. @Roberto: Aha-ha, I am very happy you except fruit of my imagination so realistically, thank you very much!

    Your favorite animal is shark! I didn't see this one coming :) Wonderful and very unique choice, did you ever draw it? Would be great to see it drawn in your style. :)

    Have a fabulous weekend yourself, lots of inspiration to you! :)

    @Yana: Of course specifically THIS one, I confirmed it just now :)

    Wow, sea otter! So true, one of the cutest animals I ever saw :) We couldn't leave the cage once in the Aquarium, they are so animated and very interactive, it is even better then watching a movie! :)