Happy Summer

Saying goodbye to Summer, I guess it is never enough of sunny warm days :) One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to go to the beach and walk along it collecting stones and shells...

What is your favorite summer memory? ;)

Happy Summer
Summer Beach


  1. Hello, my admired Yuliya!
    First: I love your picture in the header!
    Second: It is true, are never enough sunny days in summer, but here where I live, the past few summers have been hot, and then you ask for a little cool!
    Third: I also like walking along the beach and collect shells and stones, is as natural, I do not know why.
    My memories of the summer??
    I have different memories, some from when I was very young, and the summers were endless, the summer was to spend all day playing with my friends. and other memory is with my kids. Vacations on the shore of a lake, picking wild strawberries, and branches for a fire.
    well, I send a greeting, a hug and a kiss, I imagine that in Canada, the summer is never too hot, no?

  2. Hello Roberto, happy to see you!

    Thank you very much for visiting and sharing your best summer memories, I am very glad you had so many great summers in your life!

    Hope your weather will be more comfortable now when it is autumn and not so hot anymore! :) I guess autumn is way more comfortable season in your country, isn't it?

    Here summer is never hot, that is exactly true and also it goes so very fast that one cannot notice and it seems just yesterday we were celebrating spring and enjoying blossoms and now it is all gone... :) We have to gear up now for long, very very long, cold season!

    Best greetings from my family to you and your family!

  3. Beautiful photographs, summer captured in a blink of a shutter.
    I think the longer hours of sunlight is my favorite thing about summer, the warm evenings once the cloying heat has gone, i'm not a huge fan of the heat

  4. Thank you very much Lynsey, happy you liked the pictures!

    You described warm summer evenings so beautifully, I am totally captivated by the whole feel these evenings have, I love how magical is the light, no other season has it!

  5. Favorite summer memory? Hmm.. I suppose mine is just the general feeling I get when reminiscing about summer as a kid. My mind's eye sees bright, warm light and summery scents come to me - cucumbers and river water. And happiness. Just the feeling of true and utter contentment and joy. Such beautiful photos here and you can feel the joy in the colors and action. Thanks for sharing!

  6. wonderful photos reflecting your memories

  7. @Rhett: Thanks for sharing Rhett, love your childhood memories, it sound so happy and light! I almost felt it reading your comment :) Happy you found the photos joyful as well!

    @JP: Thank you! :)

  8. My favorite memories of summer are swimming, being lazy, and watermelon......My favorite holiday is Memorial Day as it is the beginning of summer. I instantly get sad thinking of Labor Day as it's the end of summer.

  9. @Stacy: Your memories are so wonderful! It is 253 days left until next Memorial Day, hope they will go fast and warm for you :)

    So happy you also like watermelons! It is great to find like-minded person! I am a huge fan of them, cannot get enough!

  10. Anonymous9/20/2011

    oh dear, i don't have a "summer" memory cause its summer all year round here LOL! so would that mean i have summer memories all year round? hehehehe!
    love the photos Yuliya, they really have a nostalgic touch to it! *kisses*

  11. What in a fantastic place you live, Jeannie! Sounds like paradise on earth: summer all year round :) I guess then all your memories are summer memories... :)

    Thank you for your kind words about my photos, happy you liked them, I was so very inspired by last summer days!