brooch "Kitten Love"

This is first brooch created from my illustrations, it was just obvious that these Kittens suppose to be not only drawing! I chose to make it in decoupage technique on polymer clay. Image is printed and lovingly hand painted with acrylics on top with special touch of bright red enamel for the heart part. Brooch is covered with protective shiny gloss and have metal pin on the back. And, of course, signed :)

How do you find it my dear friends?

P.S. Forgot to show you, this is the original illustration "Kitten Papa"

brooch "Kitten Love"
Measures approximately 1.75" x 1.25"
brooch "Kitten Love"
brooch "Kitten Love"


  1. Oh, dear friend Yuliya!
    is a beautiful brooch!
    I love it
    Do you know that I did ceramic brooches? ha ha, similar to how you do them. but they were little faces with different gestures, oh a thousand years ago, ha ha :D
    I thought that your next brooch, it could be, the three elephants that are in the header of your blog
    Is not a good idea?
    While I am sending you a kiss, along with my congratulations
    PS: you could number them, too, would be more exclusive!!! :)

  2. Thank you so much Roberto! I am very glad you liked this Kittens :)

    I didn't know you were making brooches as well, it would be great to see one of your creations!

    Thank you for the idea with the elephants and mostly for the idea about numbering, I think it is a great one and will give it a try! Did you number your brooches? are there any left? ;)

  3. Hello Yuliya, brooches I told you I did, were little faces, some happy, some angry, some thoughtful.
    But I have none to show you a picture because more than 25 years ago I did that. and I did not put numbers because they were brooches which had no great value. were very cheap, I mean? Now, we decorate cups and other porcelain objects, we have three ovens, two for ceramics and one for porcelain
    Thanks for answering my comment!

    PS:I have a daughter who is a jeweler, you can see their creations on a link that I have on my blog. take a tour :)

  4. I wish you would have at least one brooch to show, Roberto! :) But I am sure they were made with all your usual thoughtfulness and talent! So you create pottery currently? How exiting! How does it look now?

    I saw shop of your daughter, she is very talented, rings are very unique and all ideas unusually creative, I loved her jewelry very much! Hope she will have lots of inspiration and you too! :)