August on instagram


  1. Hey, Yuliya!
    OK August is gone
    these photos look like spring (spring begins here today, and is usually a sunny day, beautiful, (here, September 21 is the the student's day, and all youth make a picnic, sing, dance, are happy , they love) but today was a very cold day, almost winter, now we're here in my house with the fire burning, burning logs, it snowed two days ago. and probably snow tonight too. winter does not wants to go!
    Happy Sunday to you!
    BTW what is the strange device that is next to the green light?

    1. Hey, Roberto! Nice to see you :) Not sure what exactly that device is, sorry for that :) Congratulations on spring beginning, hope the snow will end soon and warm days will take place. Having such a wonderful setting with fire logs makes it not so urgent though :) Hope you and yours are having wonderful weekend!