Cozy Chair


  1. Hi, Yuliya, you'll get over yourself, illustration after illustration.
    This work I would say, is "exquisite"
    I would like to ask you a question: may I?, Thanks,
    Tell me, do you enjoy more painting this kind of work than doing digital work? I guess so, right? ;)

    1. Thank you so much, Roberto :) It is very nice of you to say!
      Good question you asked. I enjoy hand painting way more then digital, glad you could see it. It gives ultimate satisfaction which I cannot say about computer work. What about you, which medium gives you the utmost happiness and comfort?

    2. Ha Ha, I knew it! ;)
      About me ... I like everything, oil, acrylic, ceramic. the oil, allows me to do mixtures with a lot of material that the acrylic not let me, (actually I enjoy the smell of oil and turpentine) but for a while, I began working with watercolor, and I'm learning a few things (that only teaches you continuous work, you know, how it reacts with water, without water, on dry paper or wet, etc) and I'm really enjoying painting with watercolor.
      but I like all methods of expression, oh... but I do not like to do digital work, really, (but maybe that's because I work all day on the computer, coloring pictures, and stories for children's magazines, haha)
      ok. I would like, that you go through my blog, even if from time to time and leave your comments, really, would be a pleasure
      good weekend for you! :))