It is rainning...

It is raining...


  1. Three beautiful photographs!
    the smallest, the photo showing the reflection in the water reminds me of Buenos Aires, the city where I was born, is a city, very humid, with rainy winters and rainy autumns in which you get wet and feel heat.
    the image of your photograph is the image of the tango in Buenos Aires, you know, music, dance,
    I'm a little sad but I like it.
    You know, an Argentine writer, called Jorge Luis Borges, wrote to Buenos Aires saying,
    "No nos une el amor si no el espanto,
    serĂ¡ por eso que te quiero tanto"

    wich means something like:
    we are not bound by love but by fear
    has to be why, I love you so much.
    beautiful post!

  2. Anonymous11/30/2011

    Maybe so...but your images are wonderful! Sometimes the rain brings out the best in the world!! Thanks for putting these up to remind me of this!!

  3. Hello Yuliya, this time I came, only to wish you happy holidays, with your husband and your family
    and say that next year I hope to continue seeing your wonderful artwork!
    I wish you much more creativity (if that is possible, since you already have all the creativity possible)
    :) :)

  4. Dear Roberto, thank you so much for all your wonderful wishes! My family and me are very happy to see you visit! :)

    We wish you and your family to have wonderful and very Happy Holidays, and a lot of happiness! :)

  5. Hey!

    I come across your blog throught your Etsy shop, your photographies are wonderful! I love them all! I like the way you "decorate" the picture in your calendar project and in this article, i like the rain of the umbrella one! Very nice colours. =)

    1. Sushie, thank you very much, I am very happy you like my work :)