How Are You Bear


  1. Ha Ha!, Today I am very well, after seeing your wonderful sketch. By the way, I've taken a look at "wishful" It's a beautiful painting!
    Oh dear Yuliha, thanks for showing your wonderful sketchbook, I just wish you a good weekend with your husband !!!!!

  2. Just fine and dandy and I hope you are too. Near over their has great manicure and fine coat!!!

  3. I'm fine, how are YOU??

    Love the bear!

  4. @Roberto: thank you very much for liking my sketch, very happy it made you feel well :) Thank you for taking look at "Wishful", I did it long time ago, was very inspired that time. We wish you and your family wonderful weekend too! :)

    @Cecilia: ha-ha, Bear is happy you appreciated his manicure and coat and says hi to you! :)

    @Diane: I am fine as well, thank you for asking! Thank you for liking my work :)