Let's Ride Together


  1. Oh, NO! I want to die watching this!
    This is superlative!
    I try to imagine how you arrive at this result, I try to imagine the creative process in your head from birth the idea of something like this, and I swear I can not even think about it!

  2. Thank you so much Roberto! I am very happy that you liked this one also :) It is a great and flattering compliment from such a talented artist as yourself!

  3. Oh, no, I just have some ideas, but you as well as good ideas, have a very definite language, so expressive, and each line of your drawing is very special.
    That's one of the things I admire your art. your graphic language, highly finished, within each of your works, there is no single element that is not within the same expressive language, sometimes we can see beautiful works, but an element is expressed in one way and another element is expressed in a different way (within the same work)
    and yours is always expressed within the same rules
    (created by you). I will not fail to admire you!