"Allied" won a contest!

My digital painting "Allied" has been awarded 1 place in competition of groups ART UNI INTERNATIONAL and ART UNI STAR. I am very happy and honored, thank you guys very much! If you didn't see how many talented artworks are in this groups you should definitely check it out! :) They have plenty of inspirational material! :)

You can check out all the contestants I had the honor to be with here, fantastic collection of Digital Art!


ART UNI INTERNATIONAL is a group founded one year ago. It is created to motivate all digital artists and especially young artists to share their work and ideas with others so one can enjoy, learn and be inspired by the work of experienced and creative artists.
The group ART UNI STAR is a special quality or a second level group.
Only pictures posted in ART UNI INTERNATIONAL  can be invited to ART UNI STAR and only pictures in STAR could be chosen for the 1st anniversary competition.
All pictures in the competition are of highest standard chosen by admins (artists themselves). 



  1. I knew it! I knew it!
    Your talent is huge!
    From the first moment I saw one of your works a hammer hit my head!
    Allied is a very, very beautiful demonstration that you are a talented artist !!!!!!!

  2. Roberto, thank you so much for all your support, I really appreciate it! :)