Fantastic Surprise from a good friend: Lucky Penny earrings and necklace

I cannot tell you how happy I am to be an owner of this fabulous jewelry, Lucky Penny necklace and Lucky Penny earrings! My good friend sent me them recently. She successfully owns jewelry shop BlueberryCream on Etsy filled with fabulous handmade contemporary jewelry in sterling silver, copper and brass. She often loves adding gemstones to her unique one of a kind designs. According to feedback from many of her customers, they get tremendous amount of compliments every time they wear jewelry from BlueberryCream. This is the reason why I am so proud to be the owner and so happy to share this with you, as this is now my favorite jewelry to wear!

Lucky Pennies

Lucky necklace, Lucky Pennies

Lucky necklace


  1. Yay! Glad that you liked it!!!

  2. Conrats! They are very beautiful!

  3. blueberrycream: Of course I did, they are fabulous! I am wearing it right now :)

    Katrinshine: thank you dear :)

    Irina: Thanks a lot :)