1. My goodness, you have the most interesting and beautiful mind! How do you come up with this? Amazing!

  2. Dear Yuliya,
    I have no more words to say :)
    I told you, that of the labyrinth in your drawings. And once again, in this beautiful work, comes back, again.
    And again, that feeling of seeing something and not see it. catch me.
    You have a special talent for choosing the color you use.
    Therefore, this work could have infinite colors, but the one that you've used, from my point of view, obviously, is right.
    Thank you for showing your talent.

  3. I really love this! I remember you from another IF; you did a really awesome chicken too!

  4. This is amazing! It's you meeting Picasso and having the last say! Bravo!

  5. Anonymous2/07/2011

    I find it bloomin' brilliant is how I find it!

  6. never seen your work before, it's very interesting...makes me wanna look more :)

  7. Ces, thank you so much! Happy you liked it. It comes usually on it's own: I am just the messenger :)

    poppylocke Thank you :)

    Roberto, thank you so much, I am very glad you liked the artwork and the color. This was the best version I had in my mind :)

    Sarah, thanks a lot! So glad you remember my Chicken! :)

    Indigene thank you very much, I am truly honored to be compared to Picasso!

    jomcmullan Thank you very much! :)

    Ana thanks a lot! Hope you will enjoy it! :)