Beaded Hibiscus

Beaded hibiscus bloom

Beaded red hibiscus

I am personally a big fan of hibiscus in any color or shape so obviously one of the first flowers I wanted to learn to bead was hibiscus. I choose a pattern of talented Kerrie Slade called Hibiscus Twist and modified middle part to make it look more like real flower and inspiration for that was a great find of Melissa Grakowsky's Hibiscus, (unfortunately Melissa is not selling the pattern for it yet),  I studied Melissa's work, researched real pictures of hibiscus, learned what is herringbone stitch and here is the result of my experiments, please welcome it nicely :)


  1. Wow, did you made it yourself? What a wonderful work!

  2. Brava! Very beautiful and professionally!

  3. Tanya, thank you very much, I did made it myself :)

    Thank you Katrine, happy you liked it :)