About year ago I was leading very interesting full life and was drawing all the time to capture my impressions. One moment touched me very closely and I started to do this work. I almost finished it in one go. One thing what was left was tree. I was trying a lot of variations but even one was not right for my idea... During this year sometimes I was coming back to my R.R.R. work and trying more and more to catch this fleeing tree, but it was elusive! Finally, I got such a strong feeling that, yes, I know how it should look! Yes, I am ready to do it! And I sat and spend all the time I had without taking breath and created the tree with all my confidence. So now it is done. I am happy and satisfied and I can show my work to you. All opinions are welcome; I will appreciate any comments or critiques. Enjoy) Truly yours, Yuliya.

High resolution fragments here are twice smaller then original, in spite of this level of details in this work can be seen.


  1. Anonymous11/17/2007

    Awesome!!! really enchanting work...the whole composition and the creature elements are striking...very original and unique style...you are really really talented..inspiration for others- everlast

  2. It's absolutely gorgeous yuliya, you're an inspiration to us all

  3. What a surreal and fantastic work!!
    Your style is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Anonymous4/01/2010

    Wow! That is very inspiring and creative. The illustrating is superb.